PODz has a dedicated focus on working in underserved communities, both domestically and abroad. We believe design excellence is a right, not a privilege, and we pledge to develop design strategies and solutions for the clients and communities that need them the most.


Our clients and breadth of projects vary widely in scope and size. Our work ranges from strategic partnerships with municipalities to focused visioning sessions with the public and neighborhood councils; from private developers with a vision to revitalize a commercial corridor to the small business and home owner looking for basic Architectural Design Services. All will find that PODz is poised to tackle and respond to any design challenge that comes our way, even if that means connecting a client with another team that is a better match for the client's specific needs.

Our work includes projects in:

Detroit, MI

Chicago, IL

New York, NY

Washington, D.C.

Newark, NJ

Blue Mountain, Jamaica




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